Magical Places

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splash of green
and streaks of gold
waking up, dreaming

Taken in Nisargadhama, Coorg……..

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Jolly Good Experience – Birdly

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feel like a bird
slicing through the wind
oh o experience over

I recently went to the Swiss consulate (Swissnexx) in Bangalore to try out their virtual simulator called Birdly.   My timing was just about perfect since the crowd had just left. I was quite amused and curious when they asked how long back I ate.

The equipment as you can see above has two projections where  the arms go. As you guessed by the name and design, this was a simulator to fly like a bird above the San Francisco Skyline.  There is a fan to simulate the wind and headphones that give an overall effect.

The experience though a short one was anything like I had before. It was exactly like flying in the air and the flapping of wings and manipulation to turn and swoop exactly like a bird does.  I did do a pigeon when I crashed into a building and the simulation ended but they were good enough to start it again 😀

That this was a freebie was an icing on the cake of course.  Guess what I did after that?  Tweeted of course!! (oh pun totally intended)

Chirp Chirp

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splash of salty manna
striking with force
washing away the tears

I love how the waves make a splash every time it meets the rocks. The best place to be is to be on the receiving end of that spray   ….

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tensed strings
soothing the senses
the violin sings

Taken at a cancer event sponsored by HCG Cancer Hospital, I love how the VIOLIN provides the depth as an accompaniment in a classic Carnatic concert. A fiddle in the hands of  a master can really make your senses spiral wildly at the same time leave you at peace with yourself. Different positions of playing gives different sounds which makes it an extremely VERSATILE and the only restriction is in the players’ imagination

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Urrkkkkk…My pan is on fire !!

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fire in the heart
creativity in the soul
just don’t burn the food  😀

Taken in JW Marriott, you can of course see the chef enjoying this and not very alarmed by the fire. In fact he put on a show for my benefit when I requested him to make pasta with the works.  This does confuse the old cliche “From the frying pan into the fire” when the frying pan itself is on fire   :)

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Fragile Sphere

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enjoy life
for all it is;
a fragile sphere

My better half had bought this bubble  maker as a gift to our nephews. Unfortunately it fell into my hands. Oh they did get to enjoy it… finally.  Before that I had my own share of fun trying to photograph them from all angles. Here’s my favourite of the shots.

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Pyramid Valley for Peace

P,pyramid valley,peace,peaceful,wednesday,abc,wordless,praveen,karnataka,bangalore,throo da looking glass

midst the chaos
I hear the call of
the mystical pyramid

Pyramid Valley, located on Kanakapura road in Bangalore, Karnataka is one such place where people come to meditate and to de-stress from their chaotic life. It’s a very pleasant experience being there with no noise and seeing people enjoying the surrounding in silence. The Pyramid is this huge structure that can seat an unbelievable number of people inside it. The silence within the pyramid (yeah you cannot talk inside :)  ) is so good, you can almost taste it….  I will also add, it’s not for the faint-hearted  :)

By the way I was almost reminded of The Mummy Returns when I saw it for the first time :)

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Oh My God

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seen from the top
man and his accomplishments

Yep that’s the view when I sky dived from 10000 ft. Neat eh !!  It sure is a humbling experience to know the materialistic things we hold dear are insignificant when seen from a higher perspective .

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The Doll

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what thoughts lurk
behind that smile
oh such innocence

As she roamed around in the fair holding on to her mother Mini heard a a faint voice. “Take me”. She looked around for the source. Finding none, she continued her curious glances at all the stalls. She heard it again..”Take me””Take me” “Take me” “Take me” “Take me”. It was drilling into her head and making her go crazy. The insistence. It was also so inviting like the voice of her best friend. That’s when she saw the doll. It was very pretty. She was confused now. Is is the doll that spoke. Then  she saw the doll smile.   She tugged at her mom’s hand and pulled her towards the stall.

“Mom I want that doll”. “You already have enough dolls, said her mom, you dont need anymore”. “No I want that one” she said, stamping her leg. Her mom used to her demands started pulling her away. She was shocked when Mini said,”if you dont buy me that doll, you will regret it”. She stood rooted. She had never heard Mini speak like that. Where was that drama, the tantrum? Mini did not sound like an 8 yr old any more. She was looking at her not with the innocent anger of a child but a look that gave her the creeps . She had a hint of smile at the corner of her mouth, as if she was waiting for her reaction. It was unnerving. The scary part was the doll had the same smile

“No! I am NOT going to buy that doll!”. She grabbed Mini’s hand and pulled her away, scared and wanting to get away from whatever that thing was. Mini did not resist or cry. Looking back at the doll, she smiled when the doll winked and she heard the same voice “Dont worry, we will meet again”.

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Divinity and Fanaticism

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belief in a higher power
divinity and fanaticism
lines blurred

Yeah its good to have faith  and to believe in some power that is making this world go round but how far can it be taken?. As Buddha once answered when someone asked him.. What is poison?  His answer.. Too much of anything is poison…..

My questions here…..

1. Is blind faith a good thing?

2. Where does divinity end and fanaticism begin?

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