Shiver Me Timbers – Review of #Conjuring2


I am a big big fan of horror movies.Not the mindless horror of monsters and demons but evil that strikes terror into our heart. Among the old ones, I love movies like shock, poltergiest, Omen  and of course the exorcist. There have been some good movies recently and I especially love the sense of creepiness the Koreans and Japanese have. They really can make one shiver. Movies like Juno (in English – grudge), the ring, two sisters (Korean) actually make you stop and check.. is there really something around?

I saw the first part of conjuring and I was impressed. It was a good offering which really made you jump in your seat in some scenes.

I went to see Conjuring 2 in the same anticipation. The movie is along the same lines as the first but just not creepy enough. Horror movie endings for me should really be creepy and make me look over my shoulder. The end of conjuring 2 dissed me off completely and I am not happy. Too much into demonic possessions this doesn’t grab my fancy anymore.  The evil that humans are capable of is so much more scary than demonic possessions I think

I blame all of this on the supernatural series (my absolute favourite) on  AXN that has made a mockery of the demonic

What I am really waiting for is the Lights Out release in July. Now that is going to be good I suspect. The short movie was really really creepy. Haven’t seen it? Here it is


Sound affects 3.5/5

Camera – 3.5/5

Overall scare – 3/5.

When boats don’t suffice

Elephant Crossing,throodalookingglass,pravs,phenomenon,pheno-menon,elephant,water,crossing, dubare elephant camp

when you kill
you also slaughter;

Taken in Dubare Elephant camp, Coorg. It was breathtaking watching the elephant crossing the river from one end to the other and the water almost reaching to the top.

1/200, f5.6 ISO100 Canon EOS600D

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What a Rubiks Cube Taught Me

Rubik Cube,life,order,pattern,pravs,throo da looking glass, through the looking glass,chaos

colorful pattern
attracting the mind
chaos can be beautiful

Sometimes life does not come all in order. You might need to observe the pattern, look at it from  all angles, twist and turn to bring it in order. It will take time but eventually you will get there.

But on the other hand there is something about chaos that attracts me. I have always thrived in chaos 🙂

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An Epic Day outdoors -@indiBlogger #flipkartOutdoors

So we were part of an exclusive group of bloggers in the #flipkartOutdoors @ Mango Mist resort organized by Indiblogger. It was fun meeting the usual gang and the new faces as well.  What set it apart was of course the outdoor meet which I feel is so much more better than the closed door ones (but no #Indiblogger meet is ever boring, outdoors or indoors :D). Anyways what also set our expectations was the chance to use/check the latest savvy gadgets available for outdoor purpose.  Check it out and go greeeeeeennnn with envy

  1. Altec Lansing (not part of usage)
    • Bluetooth headphones with lock that does not leave your ear no matter how much you shake your head.  There was this challenge of loosening the headphones without using hands in 10 secs.  There were a couple who did win but they had to shake their heads like they were possessed 🙂

Altec headphones

  • Their beauty was the outdoorsy bluetooth speaker which was demo-ed with water and you could see the water drops jumping with the beat


2. Red Chief shoes (Yes I wore it for the entire duration)

  • Biodegradable shoes made from the carcasses of old shoes including the soles.  I am not generally a big fan of outdoor shoes because it’s heavy but this one surprised me with its rugged look but surprisingly light


Yeah thats me trying kungfu with the shoe. It is that light

3. Polaroid

  • Cube – An action camera capable of recording for 90 mins

polaroid cube

  • Snap – The memorable Polaroid now comes in a new sleek form which prints photos immediately and is rightly sized for wallets. They call it the Z inc meaning zero ink so the photos last longer

polaroid camera

  • Bluetooth Printer – Print any photos from your mobile in a snap

4. Garmin Watches – These days watches are becoming smarter and smarter (and more expensive!!). These watches do everything including keeping you healthy by counting your calories


5. Samsung Galaxy S2 watch – If you want to do the same thing as above with elan and panache go for this. It looked so cool and when its off it gives some real creative snaps !!

samsung s2

6. Sony

  • Saw some real good cameras in mirrorless and action. They claim its the fastest camera in the world and I believe it. Keep pressing the shutter and it sounds like a machine gun taking photos at unimaginable speed. It also has an interesting feature of bouncing the flash. The clarity of the photos are mind-blowing as well
  • Got to try out their action cameras. Somehow mine got heated up and also did not have much battery backup. The other pieces were okay. It is splash proof only so don’t throw it into the swimming pool or river


7. Coleman – They have some awesome camping gears including tents, portable johns, water bottles and storages for any drink 🙂 My team was able to assemble the camp in 1:54 mins and that’s how easy it is.  I also got a prize for my tweets and for being in the winning team in paintball. Both of which came from Coleman…


Now coming to the activities,Mango Mist is a corporate favourite for having a host of outdoor activities such as Rock Climbing,Land Zorbing, Burma Bridges, ziplines and of course the mist dance. It’s a good a place to have team fun.. Oh yes they have a bar too !!

Well those were the phases. Now leaving you with the faces and happy moments…….These pictures are a combination of cameras from the Sony action cam, to my Canon 600D to contributed by others…


Portraits 2

Credits – Sid Balachandran, Shantanu Chandra, Fatema Freya, Sachin Prabhu


Videos will be posted shortly


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Falling Water


never confuse
with cowardice

EXIF – Canon EOS 600D 18-55 Lens kit, 1/25 F13, ISO – 100, Aperture Priority Mode, ISO- 100

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Chinese Porcelain

Chinese Porcelain

Chinese Porcelain

skill of generations
fragile and delicate
handle with care

Chinese cups that was given to my mom on her marriage has reached my hands.I really hope they survive !!

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Time…………and tide

time,tide,beach,man.,pravin,praveen,karnataka,bangalore,throo da looking glass

Taken in Marina Beach, Chennai

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Story Telling Sessions

pravs,pravin,temple,trivandrum,story telling, stories, shows,makeup,throo da looking glass

enriching lives
stories make us

Kathaprasangam (Malayalam) or Story telling sessions in many of the temples is Kerala is an interesting affair.   There are different versions of it and the one I saw was on mythological stories narrated by this exponent with lots of expressions and voice modulations. His was a one act show where he enacted all of the characters (including women) with equal aplomb.  They are masters of Navarasas or the 9 facial expressions which is a must for carrying off this kind of sessions.

Śṛngāram (शृङ्गारं) Love, Attractiveness.
Hāsyam (हास्यं) Laughter, Mirth, Comedy.te.
Raudram (रौद्रं) Fury.
Kāruṇyam (कारुण्यं) Compassion, Tragedy.
Bībhatsam (बीभत्सं) Disgust, Aversion.
Bhayānakam (भयानकं) Horror, Terror.
Vīram (वीरं) Heroic mood.
Adbhutam (अद्भुतं) Wonder, Amazement.  (source – Wikipedia)

Most of the time they have no assistants and are masters of makeup doing their own.  Taken in Attukal temple, Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala

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Pillars of Suchindram

Suchindram,temple,pillar,ancienttravel,pravs,throo da looking glass

These are the pillars taken in the temple of Suchindram, located near Nagercoil, Tamilnadu. For more information on temple click here This is quite a similar theme across many temples in South India but imagine the kind of skill of in those age that perfected the are of symmetry and mind blowing results

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Morsel of Wisdom


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