Quest for the Divine #atozchallenge

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Quest for the divine
Undertaken by everyone
God resides….. within

Taken at the Sri Krishna Matha in Udupi with the sky giving the right look to the feeling of joy (I am always happy with my camera ;)  ).  The haiku is a try at a literal translation and a summary of the famous Kabirdas Doha.

Kasturi kundal base, Mrig dhundhe ban maahi|

Aise ghat ghat raam hai, Duniyaa dekhe naahi||

The musk deer roams the forest in search of the musk smell without realizing its emanating from itself. Similarly people go in search of God without realizing He stays within. Syllable Counter used for composing the haiku. Part of the #atozchallenge with Q. also linked to SWF and Blog She

20 thoughts on “Quest for the Divine #atozchallenge

  1. Roshni

    I had read a slightly different version: Tera saai tujh mein, jyun puhupan mein baas; kasturi ka mirag jyu, phir-phir dhoondhe ghaas.

  2. Corinne Rodrigues

    Fantastic picture! Your mention about the deer, makes me think of a somewhat similar Bible passage – As the deer runs for running streams, so my soul thirsts for you my God.


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