Celestial Crescent

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Celestial crescent
Like a jewel in the sky
light among darkness

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May FMS Photo a Day Recap @FMSPHOTOADAY

It was fun doing this photo challenge. The theme was pretty varied and interesting.  Click here for seeing the May theme. This is a recap of the whole month of May fun. I hope you like the picture. Click on the picture for the blow up version and slide show and click on the X on the top left to close this view

Do you know there is another one this month as well? Am I doing this?  Only the interesting ones maybe but here are the Jun themes for those venturing to take part in this . Have fun clicking away some interesting snaps.  There is also a facebook group  where the pictures can be posted. This is a closed group and membership is needs the owner approval

Surya Namaskar #FMSPHOTOADAY

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When the day begins
The golden rays nourishing
Today starts anew

Part of the #FMSPHOTOADAY  challenge, today is May 2 which is associated with morning ritual and I choose Surya Namaskar. Associated with Yoga, Surya Namaskar literally means welcoming the sun and what better ritual than to do this in the open air under the new sun.. Well I am still encouraging myself so if I preach more I might actually do it ! :D

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Underneath the Balmy Sky in Udupi #atozchallenge

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People enjoying
Underneath the balmy sky
Tomorrow can wait

Part of the #atozchallenge with U for Underneath and Udupi. Syllable Counter used for composing the haiku

Stop this unholy mess #atozchallenge

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Nature creates life
Man tries best to master it
Who wins finally?

Stop this mess right now
Before stop becomes fullstop
Nature is no joke

A bit apart from my regular post, I have composed two haikus here. Lots of S here I think. Oh ya S for Smoke as well!!  :)  but seriously this is serious business !!Head to Blue Monday for more Blue Monday. Also part of the #atozchallenge with……….. Syllable counter used for composing the haiku

Quest for the Divine #atozchallenge

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Quest for the divine
Undertaken by everyone
God resides….. within

Taken at the Sri Krishna Matha in Udupi with the sky giving the right look to the feeling of joy (I am always happy with my camera ;)  ).  The haiku is a try at a literal translation and a summary of the famous Kabirdas Doha.

Kasturi kundal base, Mrig dhundhe ban maahi|

Aise ghat ghat raam hai, Duniyaa dekhe naahi||

The musk deer roams the forest in search of the musk smell without realizing its emanating from itself. Similarly people go in search of God without realizing He stays within. Syllable Counter used for composing the haiku. Part of the #atozchallenge with Q. also linked to SWF and Blog She

Orange Orb #atozchallenge

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Celestial orange
Bringing warmth to the cold world
Eternal,yet not

Taken in Malpe Beach, Udupi District. The beach has still not hit the commercialization mode yet so is still in a pristine condition with  limitless clean sand and water lines.  For the sea food lovers there is this stall that makes yummy fries and is recommended than eating in the resorts. The taste is so much better and the price unbelievably low. Part of the #atozchallenge with O. Haiku composed with Syllable Counter.