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Ordinary things
Beautiful in perspective
Recognize true art

Even thorns can be beautiful. Macro of a cactus taken in Ooty botanical garden

Part of ABC Wednesday (I) for  Incredible Nature. For link and more memes head to this page.



Tree Tragedy #atozchallenge

Every tree feled is another nail in the coffin

Every tree felled is another nail in the coffin

Nourishing the earth
The old guardians topple
Man, the only threat

ABC Wedneday with O  for Outrageous Nature of Man,Wordless WednesdayWordless Wednesday BloggersBlog ShePart of the #atozchallenge with T. Also linked to Our world Tuesday, . Haiku composed with Syllable Couter


Search not for my presence
Awake me not from deep slumber
Swirling in misty dreams

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Spring in the Air

When Winter comes can spring be far behind (Ode to the Westwind, William Wordsworth)

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Smile is a curve that sets things straight

Linked to Thursday Challenge (“SILLY” (Smile, Faces, Laughing, Playing, Things,…)), Katherine’s Corner

Paths – Day 347


Tracks of life never end

Ek Raah Rukh Gayi Tho Aur Judh Gayi Main Muda Tho Saath Saath Raha Mud gayi (when one path stopped several more opened up and wherever I turned the paths turned with me)

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