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This “grass” is giving me a high !!

 Eating grass in peace
Dangerous when aggravated
Do keep your distance

Taken in  Bannerghatta National Park. For more memes visit this page

Dark Skies

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Darkening of sky
Isn’t always a bad thing
Sun is just behind

Continuing from the previous post I just couldn’t resist putting this up as part of the friday skywatch.  Tried an HDR. I hope it came out right..For more themes check out the meme page

Wacky times and Wow Views with Wifey @ Thattekere Lake

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Vista of Nature
Taking all your breath away
Unsullied by man

Wifey, I and a couple of friends went on a trip to this quiet and peaceful lake called Thattekere which is an offbeat picnic spot in Bangalore part of the Bannerghatta National Park.  We went there for the sake of sighting some birds but it wasn’t much but we did sight some pained storks and other birds. After spending almost an hour and a half  of some good quality time, we were chased off by the forest officials because supposedly this spot requires some special permission for access! They even threatened to seize our cameras. Well what do ya expect?  We thanked our stars atleast we got to spend some time there and shoot off some good snaps :D

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Unspoken Feelings

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Unspoken feelings
Taking over the senses
No solace in sight

Taken in the Bannerghatta National Park. For more entries check out the memes page for Wednesday (ABC Wednesday(u), Wordless Wednesday, Wordless Wednesday Bloggers, Blog She, Crafty Spices)

May FMS Photo a Day Recap @FMSPHOTOADAY

It was fun doing this photo challenge. The theme was pretty varied and interesting.  Click here for seeing the May theme. This is a recap of the whole month of May fun. I hope you like the picture. Click on the picture for the blow up version and slide show and click on the X on the top left to close this view

Do you know there is another one this month as well? Am I doing this?  Only the interesting ones maybe but here are the Jun themes for those venturing to take part in this . Have fun clicking away some interesting snaps.  There is also a facebook group  where the pictures can be posted. This is a closed group and membership is needs the owner approval

Perfect Predator


Perfect predator
Stalking among the wilderness
Run for your lives

Take in Bannerghatta National Park, Bangalore.

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Zebra Crossing

If you wanna be my baby it Don’t matter if your “Black or White”

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