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The strongest support in the world is a shoulder to rely on.

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Grind – Day 353

Life sharpens your skills

Dont be afraid of the grind life puts you through, it just hones you to be better… Oh by the way those are the new entries to my collection of knives..

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Elaborate & Exquisite – Day 339

Handcrafted to perfection

Mehendi, the traditional dye on the hands is part of every Indian household especially for weddings. The more elaborate and intricate  the design, the more is the skill required (and yes the bigger the hole in your pocket if done by an expert ;) )

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Door Knocker – Day 332

Knocking on heaven's door

This is an extremely ancient door knocker in the Dambulla Temple in Sri Lanka… Made of stone with an exquisite  finish, hard to imagine this kind of skill in the present time…

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Day 186 – The Notebook

Do not fear to enter this world

What you fill within these lines paves the way to your future

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Day 115 – Yak

Going Yakity Yak !!

Taken in Sikkim by the Changu lake. If you like what you see please click the “Like” button below

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